About Me


Where Can I Find Her?

  • Nantucket for the Summer! Gabi will be reprising her role in Nantucket The MusACKal with Deep End Productions. Get your tickets HERE!

  • Femmedy Trio’s Album is LIVE! CLICK HERE to enjoy

  • Pulling Wool, Gabi’s first leading role in a feature, is in Post Production! Keep an eye out for it in the 2020 festival circuit.

Who’s That Lady?

Gabi Van Horn is a classically trained funny person with an emphasis in Shakespeare, improv and singing songs. After stressing about the NY MTA for a couple years, LA is home now. She performs regularly through UCB, The Clubhouse and her bathroom mirror. She’s been silly for the internet with BuzzFeed, various commercials, Theatricum Botanicum and, most excitingly, her band Femmedy Trio.